Wall Sconce: Simplified Installation for the Modern Home

Wall Sconce: Simplified Installation for the Modern Home - Auge Light

Enhancing your home's ambiance and functionality has never been easier with Auge Light's ultimate cordless rechargeable wall sconce. This innovative lighting solution, designed for both convenience and style, revolutionizes the way we think about home illumination. Here's a step-by-step guide to installing the Auge Light wall sconce, seamlessly blending advanced technology with ease of use.


Step 1: Unbox and Prepare

Upon receiving your Auge Light wall sconce, carefully unbox the fixture. Inside, you'll find the sleek, 14.45" H x 3.46" W motion sensor wall sconce, characterized by its magnetic wall sconce rechargeable design. This design not only promises effortless installation but also versatile use throughout your home.

Step 2: Choose Your Location

The beauty of Auge Light lies in its flexibility. Decide whether you want it as a permanent fixture in one of your rooms or if you'll leverage its portability. Its magnetic design allows for easy attachment to any metal surface, or use the included adhesive pad for non-metal surfaces.

Step 3: Charge Your Light

Before installation, ensure your Auge Light is fully charged. This step underscores the cordless nature of the sconce, offering a clutter-free look without compromising on performance. The USB rechargeability feature means you can easily charge it just like your mobile devices.

Step 4: Install Without Drilling

Forget the drill and screws. The Auge Light simplifies installation with its magnetic mount. Choose your spot, clean the surface, attach the magnetic or adhesive mount, and then simply place your Auge Light sconce. It's that easy.

Step 5: Enjoy Flexible Lighting

With the Auge Light installed, enjoy the benefits of its advanced motion sensor technology that lights up your space upon detection of movement, offering both convenience and energy efficiency. Its design not only serves as a modern wall sconce but also as an emergency light or portable torch, thanks to its detachable feature.

Key Features Highlight

  • Advanced Motion Sensor Technology: Auge Light is equipped with a PIR Wireless Auto Sensor, activating within a 3-5m range to illuminate your space efficiently.

  • Magnetic, Versatile Design: Easy installation and flexibility define this light. Use it as a fixed wall sconce or a portable LED torch.

  • Flexible and Creative Lighting: Its strip design allows for adjustable task lighting or playful home decor, making it a versatile addition to any modern home.


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