Crafting Light, Shaping Life

With two decades of expertise, AugeLight stands as a global leader in ambient lighting, specializing in elevating the allure and luminous impact of filament lamps.

Innovating Light for a Healthier World

At our core, we champion corporate sustainability, propelling us to the forefront of Healthy Circadian Lighting (HCL) technology. Our strides in innovation have birthed efficient and dependable artificial natural light sources, illuminating upscale hotels worldwide

Design Beyond Boundaries

We've embarked on an international collaboration, joining hands with renowned Italian independent designers. Drawing inspiration from timeless global aesthetics and the ethereal beauty of nature, we've pioneered the integration of 0.6mm FPC flexible filament into lighting fixture design.

Illuminating Spaces, Inspiring Moments

Lighting is more than illumination; it's a catalyst for transformation. At AugeLight, our unwavering commitment to meticulous craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology elevates lighting beyond its traditional role. We believe in its power to metamorphose every space into a cherished sanctuary, where light becomes an art form, infusing tenderness, self-satisfaction, and poetic elegance into every corner of life.