Pioneering Sustainable Lighting

Championing Eco-Innovation and Sustainability in Modern Deco Lighting. Our Commitment to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Energy-Efficient LED Solutions.

AugeLight's Carbon Neutrality Goal

Leading the Charge in Reducing Global Greenhouse Gases. Committed to Sustainable Operations, we aim for Carbon Neutrality by 2035. Our LED products contributed to a significant reduction, avoiding 5 million tons of CO2 emissions in 2021.

At the Forefront of Sustainable Lighting

Our strategy focuses on Sustainable Production, Minimizing Natural Resource Use, Enhancing Waste Reduction, and Leveraging Recyclable Materials. We’re redefining Environmental Efficiency in Lighting Solutions.

Prioritizing Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability

In the past three years, our factory has made substantial strides in reducing plastic usage. Our commitment to sustainability drove us to reimagine our packaging, focusing on innovative box designs and minimizing outgoing packaging volume. We remain steadfast in our mission to completely phase out non-biodegradable plastic packaging.