Auge Light 12.76 in Cordless Table Lamp for Desk Setup Dimmable

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Color: Gray

Auge Light Cordless Table Lamp

Perfect for your Desk Setup or as a charming Table Lamp, it enhances any environment, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Let our cordless table lamp be the centerpiece of your beautifully lit home office, desk setup, living room, or nightstand
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Long-Lasting Radiance 

Illuminate any room for extended periods with Auge Light's Cordless Table Lamp. They include a 3000mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery whichs lasts 16 hours if lit at 10% and 8 hours if lit at 100%. Auge Light's table lamps are completely wire-free, no need to worry about outlets or cables.
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Cozy Ambient Lighting

Auge Light ambient lighting

Warm Lighting for Any Room

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